So looks like Nicolas Anelka will have to brush up on his Mandarin as he makes his move over to Shanghai.

Along with a weekly salary as much as £175,000.

And it’s starting to look like fellow Chelsea striker Drogba is going to follow him. Not on twitter. I mean transfering to the China Super League.

To play for Dalian Aerbin in a deal worth £200,000 a week.


Players being paid that kind of money is pretty reasonable, especially players of Anelka and Drogba’s caliber.

They’re really big names in football. Seasoned players.

They’re also not running on young legs. So it will be a great chance to earn a pretty penny, and in a league that could benefit from their notoriety and the talent they still have to offer.

But here’s the question. How much money does Dalian Aerbin generate a year? Can they really afford to pay a player a weekly salary of £200,000?

Where is this money coming from? Who’s the boss of this operation?