We read about this recent controversy to hit McDonald’s and just shook our heads.

A supplier- Sparboe Farms- had been treating chickens inhumanely.

All was revealed through an undercover operation.

Some of us worked on the McDonald’s business when in advertising.

Some of us “graduated” from McDonald’s University in Oakbrook with a “Degree in French Fries.”

There was always something cultish about the organization.

At worldwide conventions we were asked to wear “crew people’s” hats and asked to imagine being one of “them”.

We were taught the McDonald’s mantra at that time which was all about Q,S,C and V- Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value.

The brand had different ad agencies- one for the Latino market, one for the Black market and one for, we guess, the bland generic WASP market.

We never saw any Blacks in Top Management.

We met quite a number of Execs, however, who had served in Vietnam.

After all the squeaky-clean meetings, they would relax with a few stiff drinks and talk about chinks, gooks and worse.

They would tell us what went into McNuggets: Everything.

When McDonald’s opened up in China, the levels of corruption were unbelievable.

To obtain the best locations, landlords suddenly had “family” who owned tomato ketchup, buns and mustard factories.

Others manufactured all those sachets used for ketchup and mustard.

We won’t even get into some of the creepiness a few who played Ronald McDonald in the US got up to- and were found out and fired.

The Golden Arches?

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