In the football world, it’s big news how Bayern Munich has been performing this season. I’m sure even Bayern Munich fans didn’t even expect to see quite a brilliant opening for their team?

Yep! They are really on fire this season, but it seems that someone else isn’t quite having the same luck.

Former Bayern Munich defensive midfielder Thorsten Fink is now the coach of Hamburg, and Hamburg is in really deep shit this season. But after only two wins, strangely Hitzfeld has said that Fink could potentially be the future coach of Bayern.

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But why? Hamburg hasn’t seen much recent success, and Fink just seems too green as a coach. Would Fink even be much better by 2014 when his contract is up with Hamburg?

What’s the purpose behind his statement? To support Fink or is there an ulterior motive?

Is it a set up to assert Hitzfeld’s legacy as the best coach in Bayern history?

Football fans around the world constantly talk about who are the best coaches around. Who’s on the list? Of course they’re talking about the likes of Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Josep Guardiola, and also Jose Mourinho. But it seems that Arsenal hasn’t been up to par in recent years so you can probably discount Arsene Wenger.

Why doesn’t Hitzfeld name seem to come up on the list as often? He’s seriously underrated.

Remeber when Hitzfeld coached Dortmund? They won the league title in 95′ and ’96, and also won the Champions League in ’97. Then Hitzfeld left Dortmund and joined Bayern. How did Dortmund perform then?

And after Hitzfeld joined Bayern, how many league trophies have they gotten?

How much less of a budget has Hitzfeld had to work with compared to the other coaches?

In 2002, Bayern signed Sebastian Deisler for just US$26M.

How much did Man. United sign Juan Sebastian Veron for in 2001? 28.1 million…Pounds.

How much did Real Madrid sign Luis Figo for in 2000? 40M…Pounds again.

Not to mention the vast amounts Chelsea and Barcelona have spent on the transfer market.

Despite the disparities in club spending, Bayern are always on top.

He’s definitely on our list of one of the best coaches around.