Now we’re really racing and the card for Sunday is excellent.

The break between seasons has been short and trainers are only now getting their really good horses ready and many step out on Sunday.

It promises to be a day of some really good racing and also some high drama.

We have been inundated with emails asking if it’s fair for John Moore to have SIX horses in the same race – and in the race where the creatively named “Entrapment” tries for its ninth successive win.

Let’s be very frank: Everyone wants Entrapment to win – and it should.

If by any chance, it gets beaten – and by one of Moore’s horses – it will be a hollow and unpopular win for the trainer.

It really is a lose-lose situation for Moore and one has to wonder about the logic of entering SIX horses.

But who am I to argue as it adds to the interest in the race?

Jockeys to follow at this meeting?

I’ll back off following Douglas Whyte.

Yeah, yeah, he rode four winners last Wednesday, but what’s that got to do with how many winners he’ll ride on Sunday?

Apart from Entrapment and, perhaps, one for Derek Cruz in Duke’s Victory”if it can get past the Caspar Fownes’ trained Flying Keeper, I don’t see him having many other winning chances.

What about riding two pounds overweight to ride Paul O’Sullivan’s New Vision in the last race?

I have never been a fan of this horse and also feel 1400 will be too short for this real plodder.

Sure, Whyte might run into a place with something like Flying Chaparral, but many of his rides, I’ll just nix: They’ll be too short and, to me, they’re really not winning chances.

So, when it comes to the Jockeys Challenge, I’ll be looking elsewhere.

Brett Prebble has, as usual, some very good mounts, but the Jockeys Challenge really looks very wide open.

Gerard Mosse, young Vincent C Y Ho and Darren Beadman also have some excellent rides.

And with Mosse, the Frenchman leaving to ride the Melbourne Cup favourite “Americain” on Tuesday, he just might be practicing his winning waves this Sunday in Hong Kong.

As for the horses I’ll be looking out for will be the Caspar Fownes-trained Best City which I think is a very good horse.

Other horses I like are David Hall’s B Choice, The Only Kid which always go well for Mosse and will be at odds, John Moore’s Time After Time and from the Fownes’ stable, Potential and Flying Keeper .

I think the last race will throw up a roughie as will Race 6.

There will be value tomorrow and I’ll just be very wary of what could easily be false favourites.